Monday, 9 May 2011

EVALUATION ! - How does your media product represent particular social groups?

As I have been creating my media project I have been researching existing magazines and magazines from the past. For my project there could be a slight controversy about the way I have presented my model. This could be because it is a typical musical pose for a front cover of a magazine as she is holding a microphone. Although I have not intended to do this. In the 1990’s women were starting to get their power. Before this our country was set to their traditions as men were more powerful and was in control. There are never any discussions on the representation of men. Women were treat differently. As the 90’s approached there were a group of women starting to appear and got the name feminists. These are women that believe in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes. On the front of magazines women were starting to be shown as more masculine rather than feminine. People could argue that the traditions were still alive as they were trying to show women as men.

Nowadays women are seen differently as we are living in a post-modern society. On the front of magazine covers women are represented as feminine although there are still debates on the way women are shown. The stereotype of a model is they have to be the size zero look. This is making young girls all over the world starving them selves to look like these girls. Some celebrities are pushing the industry into using bigger girls as models but we still are seeing these skinny models taking over the shelves. Although we always see celebrities trying to diet to become skinnier. Feminists are still around today fighting for full equality between genders. Some women are so set on their ways they start acting masculine. Men are supposed to have a physical presence when they enter the room. For example having bulging muscles is meant to be pretty.

Notably different genre’s and different celebrities see genders in slightly different ways. For example my genre I chose which was pop is not dominated by men unlike other genre's of music. In the pop genre men are bothered are about their appearance. Celebrities in the pop genre need to look good.

For my project I have not chose to make my model fit with the stereotype as personally I think the size zero look is wrong. I wanted my magazine to appeal to both genders not just one. I also believe that I have embraced the convention about genders for my genre. I have done this as I think this is what looks good for my magazine. I personally believe that women will never be truly equal towards men as the royals today still have the tradition that men are powerful and they are the rulers of the country. Should everyone follow this?

Overall feminism believes that men control the media and use women as sex objects. The post feminist view was that the women make their own decision and control their own destiny. The advert for the perfume poison with the actress Sophie Doll started the controversy of the feminist view. One women that is important is Naomi Wolf as she believes both sides of the arguments and can understand both points. Personally I believe women do make their own decisions in life.

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