Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Research - CONTENTS PAGE !

Before making my music magazine I am going to research contents pages of exsisting magazines to give me some inspiration.

This is the first contents page I am going to look at for my research. The main image on the contents page links with the main story in the magazine. For the contents page there is hardly any blank spaces but still looks simple and not over packed. On this particular magazine there is a headline to summarise what the magazine is about. A variety of images are used on the contents page to link with the stories which are going in the magazine. References to the page numbers are on the images so it is easier for the readers to understand. There is a simple list down the side of the page of the pages within the magazine each with a little description of what can be found on the certain page.

This is my second contents page I am going to look at. This has a similar layout to the first magazine although the images are alot smaller on this contents page and are all the same size but they still hold the same purpose in showing what is on certain pages. All fonts on this contents page are the same which makes it proffessional. Again there is a description of what will be on each page. Unlike the other contents page there is more blank spaces on this one. Nevertheless it still looks full and not too empty.

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