Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Research - FRONT PAGE !

Before making my music magazine I am going to research front covers of exsiting magazines to give me some inspiration.

This is the first magazine I am going to look at. For this magazine the main focus on the front cover is the image. On this particular front cover the image is covering part of the title. As the rolling stones is an iconic magazine the readers are still aware what magazine it is because the font is the usual font used. The background of this front cover is black and uses the headline "The Dark Side of Pink". This suits the background as the connotations of black are dark & also danger. On the image on the front cover Pink is looking directly into the camera which would attract the audience into buying the magazine. Pink is holding her leather jacket to give her a "hard" looking image which thinks to the headline. The title of the magazine is the colour red which could also represent danger.

This is the second magazine front cover I am going to look at. The background of this magazine is just white to connote peace and innocence. The usual Q logo is placed in the corner of the magazine to show the reader the make of the magazine. Take That are the main image which is also the main focus on this cover. They are having a pile on and are all smiling and laughing to represent the happiness of them back together as a group. They are all wear black leather jackets which could imply danger which contrasts with the innocence of the background. Wearing black leather jackets could also imply that it is not all smile's and laughter within the group and have hidden issues.

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